MyHuterra is a local shopping app that promotes small businesses that give a percentage of their proceeds back to user selected charities and fundraisers.

My Huterra

Charitable giving and local businesses

HuTerra and Zymo Interactive have had an ongoing development relationship since HuTerra’s very first iterations and designs. Recently pivoting to an innovative new concept, the HuTerra team required a skilled team to help them design their first mobile experience, as well as develop a platform to communicate internally with its staff and sales teams.


HuTerra came to the Zymo Interactive team for an initial Proof of Concept design. After the launch of the first iteration app design, Zymo was asked to continue working on the project to provide ongoing development support, assist in managing user feedback, and develop a road map for the HuTerra 2.0 release.

Using a Hybrid Approach

Leveraging Ionic for Android and iOS

The MyHuTerra app was specifically designed to provide the same look and feel to each user, regardless of the screen size and type of device used. By developing the HuTerra app with Ionic Framework, Zymo was able to create a seamless, hybrid look and feel for all devices. Ionic framework in a widely accepted standard coding language that enabled the Zymo team to build the app with a single codebase. The framework allowed for extreme flexibility while allowing HuTerra to continue to use it's unique location and user experience features.

Ionic framework takes full advantage of Cordova/Phonegap plugins using AngularJS and Cordova, which allows developers to use native device features, such as the header bar and navigation bar. It also allows developers to monitor a device’s status. Users are able to ‘check-in’ to their favorite supporting businesses and scan and verify their purchases. Ionic framework also comes with a series of directives that allow us to quickly create carousels, large data lists, and easy-to-use navigation elements.

Ionic framework gave Zymo the tools to create an application that went above and beyond the client’s needs while operating under a lean development model. Zymo is excited to continue use Ionic framework to add speed and simplicity to our app development projects.

Multiple Stake Holders

Meeting multiple goals and objectives

Zymo Interactive continues to provide ongoing development support for the HuTerra and Shop Local efforts. Look for new updated releases from Zymo and HuTerra and Shop Local in the Google Play and Apple App stores!


Zymo was able to expedite the entire design stage for the MyHuTerra app, from initial concepts to user flows and wireframes. By streamlining the vision holder requirements and stakeholder approvals, Zymo was able to expertly complete each step of the design process without losing sight of the overall objectives and goals. With an extremely limited timeframe, Zymo implemented a thorough design archive approach to expedite later releases in the future. This allowed us to quickly build upon previous iterations to improve and optimize the MyHuTerra app. The Zymo team was careful to keep detailed documentation of all materials, from initial sketches to each individual screen iteration. Zymo carefully managed all of the moving elements and previous iterations. While this added complexity to the project, it allowed Zymo to better serve the client with information regarding updates and changes.

Quick Iterative Design

Crude mocks to wireframes to final designs

The design stage for this phase was much faster than our usual approach. We knew we had a tight deadline and the design process was going to be very condensed.

From initial concepts from the vision holder and requirements delivery we needed to iterate through user flows, wireframes, styling with stakeholder approvals at each step with out losing sight of objective or getting lost in the process. Due to the break-neck pace of the project we implemented a design archive approach to the project.

This allowed us to quickly go back to a previous iteration and discuss benefits, compromises, or if something took a step back and acted as visual notes. Each screen iteration was kept from the initial sketches.

This is usually implemented on each project but in this case we were more diligent and shared this with the client the entire way through so if changes were made but forgotten about we could always go back and compare each screen. While harder to manage this helped us to always be up to date in the conversation.


The Team

A bit about the authors

Adam Larson

Co-founder, President, Product Developer

Billy Sweetman

Co-founder, Product Designer

Cody Backhaus

Cody Backhaus

Product Developer


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