Whether you're developing a mobile app for productivity, business, or entertainment, chances are you'll need to have some great font choices available in your design arsenal. While there's definitely creative value in designing your own fonts from scratch, we've put together a few of our favorite places to download fonts for commercial and personal use. These free font site offerings range from just a few options to hundreds of options, some sleek, some minimalistic, some handwritten, but all FREE!

5 Best Sources to Download Free Fonts


Free Design Resourcesfree design resources free sources for app development fonts zymo wisconsin

Free Design Resources is like a little boutique font store. A small collection of modern, sleek fonts that range from completely free for all uses to free for personal use only. We're digging Biko, a geometric sans serif with a "friendly and yet strong character", available in Light, Regular, Bold and Black version. Check them out!


Free Goodies for Designersfree goodies for designers free sources for app development fonts zymo wisconsin

Free Goodies is managed by a group of art directors and designers in the hopes of supporting and providing great material for designers of all types. The free font category is filled with fonts that can represent a clean, professional business or a fun entertainment app. Our favorite right now is Bavro, a modern sans serif font created specifically for Free Goodies for Designers. They're supportive like that.


Dot Colon dot colon free sources for app development fonts zymo wisconsin

Dot color is the work of a Japanese designer named Sora Sagano. The small collection 0f clean, refined fonts would be a great addition to any professional app, adding a touch of culture and sleekness to your design. We especially like Penne, a sleek minimalist font intended for use in titles and headers. Dot color describes it as: "produced on the assumption that it is used in the heading, is a sans-serif font. By altering significantly the height of uppercase and lowercase letters, it was to let out a dynamic atmosphere. Is basically a geometric sans serif, with emphasis on the skeleton handwriting style to part of the lower case letters, such as "n" and "f"."


Font Riverfont river free sources for app development fonts zymo wisconsin

Laid out in a similar fashion to our old friend dafont.com, Font River put a solid emphasis on royalty free fonts. What's more, they have an excellent resource section to further your education and growth as a developer/designer. A word of caution - some fonts are only free for personal use, so make sure to check the rights! Check out their blog for typography and web design!


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Free Typographyfree typography free sources for app development fonts zymo wisconsin

Free Typography is a German based font site that emphasizes modern, creative fonts of all types. With a blog and freebies, such as The Psychology of Color, a content piece about how color affects the human mind, explaining: "the psychological impact of color was first approached by Josef Albers 1963 in his color bible 'Interaction of Color.'" this blog is a great addition to any app developer's arsenal.


Our favorite from this site is Aquatico, which was apparently inspired by "sea creatures of the deep", is a geometric typeface with rounded curves.


Bonus 1: The League of Moveable Type

League of Moveable Type is super big on well-made, open source fonts free for commercial use for any app, game, or web page. This clean, aesthetically pleasing site offers a newsletter filled to the brim with industry advice, designer tips and tricks, and a great library of resources to take your designs up a notch.

We're loving Blackout, a block font inspired by printed newspaper headlines.

Bonus 2: Canva

You might already know Canva as an excellent free resource for creating design layouts, infographics, and other aesthetically pleasing marketing material, but did you know Canva is also an excellent resource for free fonts? Well believe it! They also offer an awesome resource for beginner designers on their blog, such as 100 Free Fonts You Should Be Using In 2015. They have a few paid options on the cheap ($1 per item), but offer mostly free design elements.


twitter button zymo interactive wisconsin 5 best free sources for mobile app design fonts

facebook button zymo interactive wisconsin 5 best free sources for mobile app design fonts



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